The Coffin Club

The Coffin Club
Genre : Fiction
Published : 22 Apr 2024 - Oneworld
Everyone deserves a second chance.

After a car accident killed her husband and left her permanently scarred, Kat Alexander, a wealthy widow, starts a new life in the countryside. Mourning not only her husband but her last chance of motherhood, Kat is completely lost. Until she meets Ginny, who runs the local animal sanctuary and offers Kat a lifeline.

The two become inseparable and Ginny encourages Kat to join the local branch of Young and Widowed, dubbed the Coffin Club by its members. There she meets Nico, a young Spanish widower with a five-year-old daughter Magdalena 'Midge'. Nico is gorgeous - good-looking, kind, caring - and wants to settle in the UK permanently. Kat would do anything to be a mother and Nico can offer her just that. Marriage seems like the perfect option but how well do they really know each other?


THE COFFIN CLUB's tale of death, deceit and desire is deliciously compelling."<br />

Sabrina Broadbent

Original, unsettling and full of secrets.

Sarah Clarke

A riveting, deeply disquieting thriller. Original, seamlessly put together and an experience you will never emotionally recover from.

Sarah Goodwin

This is a spine-tingling, unputdownable page-turner, and a remarkable debut. I was gripped the whole way through.

Lucy Martin

A dark and gripping debut with sinister undertones from the very first page. I loved it.

Sophie Flynn

A perfect romantic-noir – a crime story wrapped up in a love story. The characters draw you in to their world and make you root for them, until a creeping sense of dread make you cower as you wonder where the fatal blow is going to come from. Well-crafted and chilling!

S. E. Moorhead

This compelling debut novel is dark, twisty and full of suspense.


This is a twisty, chilling look at the lengths one woman will go to get what she wants.

Thriller of the Month, The Guardian

a dark tour de force

Woman's Own

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