The Dinner

The Dinner
Genre : Fiction
Published : 18 Feb 1999 - Sceptre
The polished chitter-chatter of a sophisticated dinner party is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of the host’s bizarre sister-in-law. Clarrie has always been ‘a bit strange’ but tonight she is, frankly, unbalanced, and is suffering from obscure hallucinations.

Clarrie has a reason for descending uninvited on Alex and Tilda Stone, and is waiting for the right moment to reveal it. And Clarrie is not the only person at the table with a secret. All the guests have something to hide, and Clarrie’s unsettling behaviour over the pink trout and tropical fruit bavarois might just be enough to push a few secrets out into the open.


Anna Davis's The Dinner is a brilliant first novel, wittily describing the dinner party from hell

Amanda Craig, The Times

Anna Davis's debut is as sharp and sparkling as breaking glass, and very funny while the laughter lasts...

Jill Paton Walsh

Superb first novel


A sophisticated debut novel . . the characters are mostly shallow and self-obsessed. But that's the point, as Davis takes a steak knife to frivolous '90s society, exposing its rotten insides"<br />


A stunning off-the-shoulder debut in suicide red

Attitude Magazine

Sharp, unsettling and very readable


This debut novel is such a read - compelling, entertaining and totally absorbing

Scunthorpe Evening News

Fine and funny first novel

Northern Echo, Darlington

Simple and fluid words poignantly reveal society's shallowness and frivolity . . . Davis has carved out a smooth if bitter path. Easy to read, harder to digets

Chloe Barker, The Times

Biting . . . A stylish tale, told with sensitivity and relish. None of the guests reveal themselves quite as one would expect and easy clichés are avoided like the plague. It is a well-written, well-structured and satisfying read, which is crying out to be made into a film


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