The Handmade Loaf

The Handmade Loaf
Genre : Cookery
Published : 15 Feb 2008 - Mitchell Beazley
THE HANDMADE LOAF is a collection of recipes, personal stories and photographs that capture the breads and home bakers of Europe. Over 80 recipes, many of which are inspired by the bakers profiled, look afresh at traditional methods and ingredients. Their blend of history and innovation will appeal to the experienced baker, but also to a generation ready to discover the simple pleasure of baking their first crisp loaf at home. Shot in real time, with bakers caught on film as the dough is mixed and the bread taken freshly from the oven, the photographs place the reader right beside the baker, showing the detail to help us understand perfectly how breads are created.


As fresh and as mouth-watering as a loaf straight from the oven...the author's own step-by-step photographs are genuinely educational.

Jenni Muir, The Independent

(Lepard's) supreme skill is his empathy with people who bake, from grandmothers using ancient ovens to cutting-edge chefs.

Sheila Keating, The Times Magazine

It oozes knowledge, curiosity and love for its subject... I doubt a better book will be written on the subject for a few years to come.

Tom Jaine, The Guardian

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