Genre : Fiction
Published : 22 Jun 2023 - Doubleday
Seventy-something Janet Pimm is invisible. Spending most of her days alone, she tends her beloved allotment with the care and love she doesn't receive from people. Plants, Janet thinks, are more important than friends.

Janet's neighbour, Bev, has reached the age when a cloak of invisibility threatens to descend. Her friendly advances are rebuffed by Janet, but when the council threatens to close the allotments, Janet must swallow her pride and enlist Bev's help.

But they're about to prove everyone wrong.
As the two join forces, Janet realises that she isn't happy to be a wallflower after all. And that maybe there's more to Bev than she thought. As the bulldozers roll in and they fight to save Janet's treasured allotment, both women find their voice again. And no one can silence them now...


This lovely book wraps you in warmth and wisdom. Janet Pimm is a classic – spiky, stoic, yet so tangibly vulnerable – and her inimitable sidekick Bev won my heart from the start. A wonderfully human story about friendship, gardening and the strength we gain from standing up for what we believe in – and why you should never underestimate the power of a warrior woman, no matter how old she is!

Julietta Henderson, author of The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman

Entertaining romp.

Best Magaizne

At last, representation of the menopause! Thank you, Bev. And Janet Pimm is the hero I never knew I needed. I hear her sage words of advice every time I go out into my garden. What is a weed anyway? A delightful, funny, romp of a book with mystery and romance to boot. Paris can't put a food wrong. I adored it. Brava!

Ericka Waller, DOG DAYS

(A) feel good treat.

The I Paper

A lovely read about friendship.

Bella Magazine

A brilliantly fun feminist adventure about friendship and second chances.

Best Magazine

There's horticulture, spies and heartwarming friendships in this charming story about finding your voice.

Good Housekeeping

A heartwarming tale of friendship.

Women's Own

A wonderfully uplifting story.

Yours Magazine

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