The Island

The Island
Genre : Fiction
Published : 7 Jan 2021 - HarperCollins
The chilling new psychological thriller by Ben McPherson, author of A LINE OF BLOOD.

A horrifying nightmare…
A summer camp for teens, on a beautiful island. It should have been a haven. But it soon becomes hell on earth when two men start shooting.

A country in shock…
The families gather, desperately hoping their children have survived. Some have their prayers answered. Some must confront their worst nightmare.

A family that will never be the same again…
Cal and Elsa’s daughter Licia was on the island, but no one can find any trace of her. Delving into their daughter’s life, they uncover some shocking secrets. What really happened to Licia that day? Did she survive the shooting, or is she gone forever?


McPherson is a beautiful writer whose voice is intense and intelligent. This exploration of the ever-expanding destructive effects of bad ideas is emotional, painful and utterly memorable

Alex Marwood, bestselling author of THE WICKED GIRLS

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