The Legacy

The Legacy
Genre : Fiction
Published : 1 Apr 2021 - Atlantic
A death in the family rarely brings out the best in people - even the deceased

Jonathan Coulter planned for his death meticulously, leaving nothing to chance. His will states that his three adult children must decide between them how to dispose of his estate. If they cannot come together over their inheritance, then they risk losing it.

But Liv, Noah and Chloe never agree on anything. And now, with only one weekend to overcome their rivalry, tensions begin to rise.

Why has Jonathan left the decision to them? And why has he made no mention of his new partner, Megan, or the children's mother, Eloise? If he wanted to teach them a lesson from beyond the grave, what is it? And can the siblings put their differences aside for long enough to learn it?

A powerful novel about love and loss, and what we truly pass on to our children.


There is a raw realism to all of Caroline Bond's novels. This latest, THE LEGACY, reminds us that sometimes it's the loss of a loved one that gives us newfound appreciation for family, and for choices we previously couldn't understand. Redemptive and satisfying

Carol Mason

A beautifully crafted exploration of family resentments, grief and vulnerability. Caroline Bond writes with a keen eye for human frailty, bringing her characters vividly to life, flaws and all.

Charity Norman

What an astute and thoughtful writer Caroline Bond is. Exposing the dynamics of a family struggling to regroup after bereavement rings blisteringly true

Elizabeth Buchan