The Original River Cottage Cookbook

The Original River Cottage Cookbook
Genre : Cookery
Published : 3 Feb 2011 - HarperCollins
‘How much of this book you incorporate into your life is up to you. But if all you do is grow a few herbs in a window box, make nettle soup once a year, and try a free-range goose for Christmas instead of a frozen turkey, you will already, I hope, be enjoying your life more.’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Sometimes a book is more than a book. It is the beginning of a revolution…

Reissued for the first time in a decade, updated with brand-new recipes and an insight into life at Park Farm, this is THE RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK.

Ten years ago Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wrote a revelatory collection of recipes, interwoven with opinion, politics and guidance, inspired by his passionate belief in the importance of local, seasonal, well-produced food, Since then, this book, the first in the River Cottage canon, has won multiple awards, sold half-a-million copies and helped many thousands of people to grow vegetables, keep poultry, raise livestock, shop sustainably, cook well and eat with pleasure.

Classic recipes such as glazed baked ham, tail and tongue of beef with red wine sauce, clams with chorizo, plum bread and butter pudding or gooseberry and elderflower ice-cream need no updating. But a new section contains fresh ideas- like lambs liver with merguez spices, the definitive River Cottage pork sausage and Cornish sardines with salsa verde- which are destined to become favourites.

A book to use, inspire and give, THE RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK remains a groundbreaking classic


A magnificently unsqueamish collection of instructions and recipes

Nicci Gerrard, Observer

A practical and lively smallholder's bible, essential reading... I am prepared to bet this will prove one of my favourite cookery titles this year

Philippa Davenport, Financial Times

As good for the armchair as it is in the kitchen, even worth packing for reference outdoors

Tom Jaine, Guardian