The River Cottage Family Cookbook

The River Cottage Family Cookbook
Genre : Cookery
Published : 10 Oct 2005 - Hodder & Stoughton
THE RIVER COTTAGE FAMILY COOKBOOK by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Fizz Carr is designed to inspire children of eight and upwards to cook and enjoy real food. Hugh and Fizz make cooking fun, and never lose sight of its magic: how a slimy egg white turns into a bowl of foaming white bubbles; or how, if you shake a jam jar of cream for long enough, it will turn into butter. Recipes for Boston baked beans, rice pudding and hot chocolate, among others, will set young readers well on the road to being imaginative adult cooks.


Three loud, very heartfelt cheers for a book that promises children a better start in the kitchen and at table... a book to read out loud, with pictures to pore over, ideas to talk about... education and entertainment at its appetising best, a kitchen primer that sparkles with infectious enthusiasm, sets the imagination alight, engages all the senses in a voyage of culinary discovery, encourages young cooks... THE RIVER COTTAGE FAMILY COOKBOOK is in places as gripping as a detective story, it is a fount of useful information, and great inspiration for culinary action stations

Phillippa Davenport, Financial Times

A triumph... will grab the attention of younger readers, and the range of recipes is broad enough to interest more seasoned cooks, too

Irish Times (Book of the Year)

Recipes so simple that a child could do them, but this is not a cookbook for children; it is a brilliant introduction to making food that's suitable for everyone


A great way to learn the basics without feeling patronised... You come away from the experience not just with a tasty supper but with a better knowledge of food... comfortingly old-fashioned... will almost certainly go on my shelf of 'genuinely useful cook-books', cross-referenced with my folder of 'ways to entertain the kids at weekends'

Time Out