Genre: Fiction
Published: 1 April 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
International Rights have been sold to Brazil/Editora Rocco, Bulgaria/Ergon, Canada/Simon & Schuster, France/Presses de la Cite, Germany/Piper Verlag, Italy/Neri Pozza Editore, Holland/A.W. Bruna Uitgevers bv, Norway/Aller Media AS/Apropos Forlag, Russia/AST, US - published under title SWIMMING AT NIGHT/Simon & Schuster

The Sea Sisters

by Lucy Clarke

There are some currents in the relationship between sisters that run so dark and so deep, it’s better for the people swimming on the surface never to know what’s beneath…

Katie’s carefully constructed world is shattered by the news that her headstrong younger sister, Mia, has been found dead in Bali – and the police claim it was suicide.
With only the entries of Mia’s travel journal as her guide, Katie retraces the last few months of her sister’s life, and – page by page, country by country – begins to uncover the mystery surrounding her death.

What she discovers changes everything. But will her search for the truth push their sisterly bond – and Katie – to breaking point?

UK publication date: 9 May 2013
US publication date: 12 May 2013

"This beautifully written story of secrets and sisterly bonds is twisty and intriguing – a total page-turner." - Closer
"You don’t have to go on your hols to appreciate this amazing beach read – the captivating story will send you to far-flung, exotic destinations... A gripping, unpredictable page-turner." - Now
"Moving back and forward between past and present, London, Australia and Bali, this is an atmospheric and enjoyable page-turner that makes good use of the exotic settings." - Daily Mirror
"Essential reading if you have a sister, as Clarke has totally nailed the complexities of that relationship. It’s perfectly paced (tense right up to the end)... and you’ll want to quit your job and go travelling." - Heat
"A tender and intricate meditation on sisterhood and family, Swimming at Night is an accomplished debut. With a deft hand, Lucy Clarke weaves a deep and compelling story that is as much about what binds us together as it is about what tears us apart. Perfectly capturing the impossibly complicated love of siblings, this is a rich and moving story that lingers long after the book is closed." - Lisa Unger, author of Heartbroken and Beautiful Lies
"Lucy Clarke’s debut novel had me hanging on its every word. It manages to be both an interesting and dramatic story and also beautifully written. I found it extremely thought-provoking... With this absorbing, heartbreaking novel, Lucy Clarke shows she’s a writing force to be reckoned with. Bring on novel number two!" - Fabulous
"It’s a thrilling and perceptive debut which captures the complex relationship between sisters and loss at its rawest. Trust us, you won’t be able to put it down." - Cosmopolitan
"This may be set in sunny places like Bali and Maui but underneath lies the darker story of two sisters...deeply moving" - Star
"In the same vein as Rosamund Lupton’s Sister, Clarke takes readers on an exciting and mysterious trail... A great read for fans of smart contemporary women’s fiction as well as thriller and mystery readers." - Library Journal (starred review)

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