The Things That We Lost

The Things That We Lost
Genre : Fiction
Published : 21 Jul 2024
Nik has lots of questions about his late father but knows better than to ask his mother, Avani. It's their unspoken rule.

When his grandfather dies, Nik has the opportunity to learn about the man he never met. Armed with a key and new knowledge about his parents' past, Nik sets out to unlock the secrets that his mother has been holding onto his whole life.

As the carefully crafted portrait Avani has painted for her son begins to crack, and painful truths emerge, can the two of them find their way back to each other?

THE THINGS THAT WE LOST is a beautifully tender exploration of family, loss and the lengths to which we go to protect the ones we love.


Incredibly moving, this is an immersive novel focusing on grief but also love and relationships. I fell in love with Avani and Nik, characters so real I could hardly believe they’re fictional. Jyoti Patel is a hugely exciting new writer.


An assured debut from a vital new voice. About family, grief and belonging, Patel weaves an intricate story that will stay with you.

Nikesh Shukla, author of BROWN BABY and THE GOOD IMMIGRANT


Candice Brathwaite

Effortlessly weaving intricate intergenerational stories across time, Jyoti has written a poignant debut.

Christian Adofo


Guz Kahn

This is a big book, full of assured and affecting writing. Secrets spill and relationships sour, sacrifices are made and promises are broken, as plot twists propel the narrative forward to a dramatic finale.

Sana Goyal, The Guardian

A delicate and empathetic debut.

The Observer, 'Meet The 10 Best New Novelists for 2023'

Patel’s novel revolves around the lingering trauma of bereavement and shows the lengths we go to protect those closest to us. Sensitively written with a deep, emotional undercurrent.

Mr Porter, ‘Books to look forward to 2023’

The debut novel from 2021 Merky Books New Writers Prize winner Jyoti Patel is one of the best books I’ve read this year. THE THINGS THAT WE LOST is an achingly tender and heartfelt exploration of family, loss, and the lengths to which we go to protect the ones we love…The intricacies of family dynamics, grief, and intergenerational secrets are deftly and sensitively explored in this multi-layered tale.


An invigorating narrative centred around family, loss and protection. <br />

The Handbook

The winner of the Merky Books New Writers’ Prize, Jyoti Patel uncovers family secrets in her tender debut novel.

i-D Look Aheads

The debut novel from 2021 Merky Books New Writers’ Prize winner Jyoti may be one of the best books you read this year. THE THINGS THAT WE LOST is an achingly tender and heartfelt exploration of family, loss, and the lengths to which we go to protect the ones we love… Jyoti Patel is an exciting new writer, deftly exploring deep family intricacies, love and grief in equal measure.

Platinum Magazine, ‘10 Books You Will Love in 2023’

THE THINGS THAT WE LOST, Jyoti Patel’s debut novel, is a deeply reflective, searching depiction of grief.

Rebeea Saleem, The Times Literary Supplement

Themes of grief, family and identity dance and mingle across the page like a melody, inextricable from one another.

The List

“A thoughtful mediation on family, grief and the lengths we’ll go to protect the ones we love.”

Good Housekeeping

“A deftly assured debut novel about a fractured family and how words left unspoken can be more devastating than the truth.”

Red Magazine

Highly Recommended.

Huffington Post

Immeasurably moving, a poignant and touching story about love and family bonds, and an especially tender portrait of a mother and son.

Huma Qureshi

THE THINGS THAT WE LOST took me by the hand and guided me through my worst ever reading slump! Patel writes about the complexities of family life with such wisdom and heart.

Sairish Hussain

Captivating and deeply moving.

Mohsin Zaidi

Frank, funny and light on its feet, it’s a novel about generations, hopes and grief. A writer with a deft turn of phrase.

Ali Smith

Jyoti’s storytelling is so masterful as she crafts this heartful exploration of loss, complex familial relationships and belonging.

Bad Form Review

Poignant and timely.

Shani Akilah, The Review 1

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