The Tree Climber's Guide

The Tree Climber's Guide
Published : 7 Apr 2016 - HarperCollins
In this charming, witty and exquisitely illustrated companion, Jack Cooke explores the city through its canopy; teetering on the edge of an oak’s branches, scurrying up a Scots pine, spying views from the treetops that few have ever had the chance to see. He takes us through the parks, over the canals and rivers and into secret gardens in his journey sometimes only ten foot above the street.

Part guidebook, part meditation on the consolations of nature, The Treeclimber’s Guide is as uniquely odd, alluring and motley as the trees themselves. It is a journey into the tangle of bark and branches that surround us all and a welcome reminder that the best things in life are free – they just sometimes require a step in the right direction.


Wonderful. I agree with so much of what Jack has to say – about trees, risk, being more child-like, and seeking out pockets of peace even in our cities.

Alastair Humphreys, author of MICROADVENTURES

After I finished this book I alarmed my family by going into the garden and climbing the apple tree.

Damian Whitworth, The Times

His descriptions are a joy to read, encapsulating the simple pleasures and the challenges of scaling a tree. 'A dendritic delight'.


Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated… his joy and wonder as he views the city from his bird's-eye vantage point are infectious. So much so, that on my way home from work, I found myself eyeing up trees and thinking, if only I could get a leg up. An absolute delight.

Catherine Small, The Irish News

A combination of charming guide, history of tree climbing and celebration of the natural world.


The entries... will satisfy the experienced tree-climber with the thrill of recognition and inspire the novice to reach for that first branch.


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