The Year After You

The Year After You
Published : 21 Jul 2024
"If guilt could kill, I'd already be dead, like I'm supposed to be..."

New Year’s Eve. San Francisco. The most promising party of the year ends in tragedy.

Nine months later, Cara’s mother decides a Swiss boarding school will be the fresh start Cara needs. Up in the Alps, Cara’s old life feels a million miles away. Nobody at Hope Hall knows her past – and she intends to keep it that way.

Yet, as much as she tries to keep her distance, her new friends are breaking down the walls she has so carefully built up – especially the offbeat, straight-talking Hector, who understands how she feels better than anyone. But the closer Cara grows to Hector, the more her old life slips away.

Embracing life at Hope Hall means letting go of the past. But how can Cara allow herself this second chance after everything that’s happened?