This Disaster Loves you

This Disaster Loves you
Genre : Fiction
Published : 13 Feb 2024 - Putnam

Twenty years of love. Seven years of absence. One journey to find out what happened.

Brian's wife, Lily, disappeared from his life without a trace six years, eleven months, one week, and two days ago, but Brian never lost hope. Since her disappearance their once beloved English pub--and Brian's livelihood--has been crumbling piece by piece. As the anniversary of her absence approaches, Brian desperately needs a sign. One doom-scroll on his business's reviews later, he finds it: an active TripAdvisor account for PinkMoonLily1972 that he knows in his heart is his Lily.

Interspliced with Brian's journey to find Lily is the story of their love--how it started, and the twists and turns that brought them to this moment. As Brian jumps from one destination to the next to find Lily, and the truth behind their story comes into focus, Brian comes back to life with the help of Tess, a sarcastic, kind, and surprising traveling companion. But in order to move forward he'll need to decide--stay in the past or take a chance on something unexpected.


Heartwarming and hilarious.

People Magazine

This delightful novel is stuffed full of surprises, not least of which how well it combines humor with a deeply moving account of a love lost and a future found.

Liam Callanan

A charming novel about the memory of a lost wife and her husband's quest to find her. I was drawn in, delighted and surprised by this love story that has both sweetness and depth. I highly recommend escaping to the story of THIS DISASTER LOVES YOU.

Miriam Parker, author of THE SHORTEST WAY HOME

There’s warmth and wit on every page of THIS DISASTER LOVES YOU. But beyond Richard Roper’s usual easy-going charm lies keen insight, an enthralling mystery, and an emotional ending that simply blew me away. I absolutely loved this book.

Matthew Norman, author of CHARM CITY ROCKS

Richard Roper writes with wit, soul, and beautiful prose.

Good Morning America

Richard Roper writes humour so brilliantly.

Beth O'Leary, author of THE FLATSHARE and THE SWITCH

Roper has a light touch that keeps the reader laughing even while he gently pulls on the heartstrings...


Roper possesses a wry and formidable wit. But his real gift is the ability to infuse that humor with such immense heart that it becomes the path for an uplifting and redemptive journey.

Steven Rowley, author of LILY AND THE OCTOPUS

Richard Roper uplifts the human spirit and shows us how to embrace life and hope.


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