Genre : Children's / YA
Published : 14 Apr 2022 - Pan Macmillan
Tara is from Derry, Faith is from Armagh; their lives are very different, but they look exactly the same - they just don't know why...

Two teens from very different backgrounds - Tara, the Catholic daughter of a two generation single parent family, and Faith, the daughter of strict Evangelical Protestants from Armagh, come face to face at a residential and discover they look almost identical. A DNA test reveals they are related, and that Faith's father is not who she thinks - while Tara has never known hers. Between them, they set out to unravel the mystery of their shared parentage, but in doing so set in motion a series of revelations about the pasts of both their families. Meanwhile, they are also dealing separately with their own issues - Tara angry and grieving after the sudden death of her boyfriend Oran, and Faith hiding her true sexuality from her family for fear of being disowned.


Divin’s second YA novel boasts all the power, humour and heartbreak of her Carnegie-shortlisted debut.

The Guardian

TRUTH BE TOLD is a beautifully-written Young Adult novel full of distinctive voices.

The KPMG Children's Books Ireland Awards 2023 (Shortlisted)

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