Urban Sanctuaries

Urban Sanctuaries
Published : 9 Jan 2001 - Mitchell Beazley
By presenting innovative designs for town and city gardens all over the world, URBAN SANCTUARIES shows both new and experienced urban gardeners how to create natural spaces that are not only imaginative but are imbued with a mood of peace, tranquillity and serenity. Illustrated with a myriad of colour photos of gardens and other outdoor settings, Anderton’s imaginative urban sanctuaries range from simple, elegant arrangements to comfortable hideaways and large-scale leafy jungles.

New York Times Editor's Choice – Best Books of 2001 for Gardening


This is not just another glossy design book; it is different, so fresh and lively that there is never the slightest inclination to skip a page. The ideas that Anderton provokes are ones that all gardeners, not just townies, will want to think about...This is a terrific book on the principles of design for any gardener.

Mary Keen, The Daily Telegraph