Welcome to Your Awesome Robot

Welcome to Your Awesome Robot
Genre : Children's / YA
Published : 1 Feb 2013 - Flying Eye Books
Build your very own awesome automaton step by step, from your base unit, to the towering, terrifying, tremor-triggering robot of your dreams.

This book provides you with everything you need to create a robot costume from objects you’d normally just throw out and have a fun day in!

Designed to be enjoyed by children with an adult on hand – this book provides perfect material for a fun family activity day or a kids’ workshop. Viviane Schwarz has illustrated hilarious comics throughout the book to explain the blueprint instruction pages, so this is just as much a story as it is an activity book.


A book designed to be the ultimate guide to creating the robot costume of your dreams from objects that would normally get thrown away or recycled.

Creative Review

Viviane Schwarz mixes genres effortlessly. This one is part comic story, part manual. And it's a wholly engaging way to furnish kids with ways to think out of the box, literally.

Varoom Magazine

It's terrific fun and its as beautiful as you'd expect considering Nobrow's love for everything print.

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