You Can't Hurt Me

You Can't Hurt Me
Genre : Fiction
Published : 7 Nov 2024 - Orion

A toxic marriage.
A dangerous affair.
And a story that will destroy them all.

Journalist Anna Tate is on the brink of losing everything when she accepts a life-changing job as a ghostwriter. She is sent to work for Dr Nate Reid, a charismatic neuroscientist whose research at The Pain Laboratory is overshadowed by rumours surrounding the shocking death of his wife Eva. Anna finds herself obsessed with Eva, a former patient of Nate's who was unable to experience pain but found joy in inflicting it. As she strips away the secrets of their toxic marriage she makes a shocking discovery. And writing the truth will have deadly consequences . . .

YOU CAN'T HURT ME is your next thriller obsession for readers who enjoyed AJ Finn's THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, JP Delaney's THE GIRL BEFORE and Alex Michaelides THE SILENT PATIENT.


An assured debut that is as fresh and exciting as it is dark. Deft handling of sensitive subject matter: sex, power and control.

Lisa Ballantyne

A slow-burn, atmospheric and literary thriller full of menace and secrets with some killer twists - loved it.

Catherine Cooper

An exceptional debut: tense, taut and thrillingly original. Emma Cook writes beautifully.

Sharon Bolton

This is a psychological thriller of the classier variety: notably well written, and tight with dark and disturbing tension. I was hooked.

Joanna Briscoe

Exploring the ways our closest relationships can destroy us and the dark downside of ambition, Emma Cook’s tightly woven thriller YOU CAN'T HURT ME proves that the worst pain isn’t caused by physical wounds, but by the emotional harm we inflict on one another.

Tara Laskowski, Agatha award-winning author of ONE NIGHT GONE and THE MOTHER NEXT DOOR

An elegantly-written novel that is as gripping as it is thought-provoking, this is a compellingly twisty thriller which explores brilliantly the relationship between pain, memory, our bodies and ourselves. An absolutely gripping read which comes together with a neatness that is both satisfying and chilling.

Ellery Lloyd, bestselling author of THE CLUB

Original and chilling, YOU CAN’T HURT ME is a captivating psychological thriller told in striking pose. As the pace ratchets, this smartly constructed story draws the reader towards a breathtaking conclusion. An assured, complex, and gripping debut.

Lucy Clarke

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