Andrew Webb

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Andrew Webb
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Andrew Webb is a freelance food journalist and photographer who has worked for Channel 4 and the BBC, as well as Waitrose Kitchen and Delicious magazines. He has worked on both the ‘Big Fish Fight’ and the ‘Big British Food Fight’ for Channel 4, and in 2009 got together with 24 food writers and bloggers to mastermind ‘Eating Eurovision’, a project that asked ‘Can 25 of you eat the national cuisine of the 25 Eurovision finalists in 25 hours all within the M25?’ It turns out you can, just.

Andrew’s first book, FOOD BRITANNIA, was published by Random House in June 2011. Part guide, part potted history, it looks at British food in the round from our favourite dishes and ingredients to the amazing people who produce, cook and sell it. He has since written two books for Haynes - THE MEN'S PIE MANUAL and THE MEN'S BAKING MANUAL.

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