Anna Sulan Masing

Agent: Holly Faulks

Dr. Anna Sulan Masing is a writer, poet & academic based in London. Her PhD looked at how identity changes when space and location changes, focusing on the indigenous Iban people of Sarawak, a community she is part of. The research sat in postcolonial feminist theory and performance practices, anchored in storytelling. One of the key through lines was food, and the thesis structure looked at the cycle of farming. The work interrogated ideas around appropriation, authenticity and how race, gender and migration intersect with identity.

Anna Sulan is the co-founder and EIC of Sourced, a public research project that takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand the intersection of culture and commerce of culinary systems and sourcing; Anna Sulan’s particular interest is in how ingredients travel and how the identities and meaning changes through the supply chain. She is co-founder and EIC of Cheese, the magazine of culture – a global magazine celebrating the world of cheese – that launched in May 2020. Anna is one half of podcast Voices At The Table and is also co-founder of communications agency A+F Creative.

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