Carina Maggar

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Carina Maggar

Carina Maggar is a copywriter, creative, voice over artist and occasional presenter from London.

Carina studied Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art and Design, followed by a Degree in Creative Advertising at Bucks Ad School.

She has worked with brands including MTV, YouTube, Spotify, Edge of Ember, Twickenham Film Studios, Huffington Post and Condé Nast. Her presenting work includes The 4:01 Show and YouTube's interview series The Ones.

She hates pigeons, loves coffee, won't ever get on a rollercoaster and has never seen Dirty Dancing.

HOW TO MAKE WORK NOT SUCK, written in 2019, is her first book.

Her latest book, COUNTLESS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, was published by Laurence King in March 2024.