Emma Garland

Agent: Holly Faulks

Emma Garland is a music writer, culture critic and editor based in London.

Born in South Wales, Emma holds a first class MA in International Journalism from Cardiff University, where her thesis explored political humour as a nonviolent resistance tactic used by youth movements in Syria, Egypt, Serbia and Russia. In 2016, she was nominated as Culture Writer of the Year at the Words by Women Awards, which she gracelessly lost. Her greatest career highlight came in 2017, when Jay Kay from Jamiroquai left her a voicemail saying that her review of their comeback tour – in which she described him fondly as “a guy from Stratford” – made him “laugh”.

Emma’s work has appeared in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Glamour, Vulture and Pitchfork among other publications. She is currently Culture Editor at VICE UK.

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