Gemma Milne

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Gemma Milne
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Gemma Milne (27) is a Scottish science and technology writer and podcaster, published across many industries in the BBC, The Guardian, CNBC, Offscreen Magazine, Singularity Hub, The Drum and Adweek. She is also the Deep Tech and Science Startup Contributor for Forbes Europe.

She is Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt – a media outlet covering advances in science startups, research process and industries such as space, energy, health and advanced computing. Gemma works with the World Economic Forum as one of their Global Shapers, and is also a scientific advisor to the European Commission, helping them decide which scientific innovations should be funded with government money. Gemma is on the Innovation Juries for SXSW and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Gemma is an international speaker having delivered keynotes at SXSW, TEDx, WPP Stream, Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx, on several topics across technology and science. Her TEDx talk ‘Why Everyone Should Care Why the Sky is Blue’ has been held up as a great example of public communication of internal struggles in academia, and even influenced the creation of a startup focusing on opening up scientific knowledge to all.

She has won many awards in the technology, science and startup space including Best Startup Founder at the FDM everywoman in Technology awards 2018, and Best Future Leader at the Tech Leader Awards from Information Age in 2017, and was a Finalist in the IPSE Freelancer of the Year awards. She studied Maths at St Andrews, and has worked in advertising, investment banking, door-to-door sales and mental health – affording her a broad viewpoint incorporating both the technological and social angles in everything she investigates.

Her first book, SMOKE & MIRRORS: HOW HYPE OBSCURES THE FUTURE AND HOW TO SEE PAST IT, was published by Robinson (Little, Brown) in April 2020.

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