Helen Callaghan

Represented by Judith Murray
Helen Callaghan

Helen Callaghan was born in California to British parents and her early years were spent in both the US and UK.

After several early jobs as barmaid, drama student, and nurse, she settled into bookselling, and worked as a fiction specialist and buyer for Athena Bookshop, Dillons and Waterstones over the next eight years. Eventually, she studied for her A-levels at night school and achieved a place at Cambridge University, reading Archaeology at Wolfson College.

She has published two local history books: Prestwich In Old Photographs and Cambridge University In Old Photographs for Alan Sutton Publications. She now runs her own business writing technical documentation.

Her interests include medieval cookery, hiking, running, and travel. She is fascinated by the past, and can frequently be found haunting ancient monuments, taking pictures of them with her mobile phone. She blogs about these enthusiasms on her website.

Helen lives in Cambridge. DEAR AMY is her first novel and was published by Michael Joseph in June 2016; and autumn 2016 in the US by HarperCollins. Translation rights have been sold to Germany/Droemer Knaur, Italy/Corbaccio and Holland/Ambo/Anthos. Her second novel, EVERYTHING IS LIES, was published by Penguin UK in Feb 2018, and her third novel, NIGHT FALLS, STILL MISSING, was published by Penguin UK in July 2020. Helen's upcoming novel, THE DROWNING GIRLS was published by Penguin UK in August 2023.