Helen Craig

Agent: Carol Heaton

Helen Craig has been a photographer, a freelance potter and sculptor, a Chinese wallpaper restorer and a children’s book author and illustrator. She has worked on more than 60 children’s books since she started in 1970 and is the recipient of several prestigious awards. Among these are the Society of Authors (USA) Award 1977 for THE MOUSE HOUSE ABC, the Kentucky Bluegrass Award 1985 for ANGELINA BALLERINA, the British Book Design and Production Award 1990 for ANGELINA’S BIRTHDAY and the Child Study Association’s Children’s Book of the Year 1990 for ANGELINA’S CHRISTMAS.

Three of her books have been chosen for the British Book Design and Production exhibitions, of which ANGELINA BALLERINA won a category award in 1990. In autumn 2001, Hit Entertainment made ANGELINA BALLERINA into a BAFTA-winning TV series with the voices of Dame Judi Dench and her daughter Finty Williams.

You can read more about Helen and her creative process here.



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