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Iggy LDN

Iggy is a British writer and director, known for his work in telling gripping and surreal films. His films have gained considerable popularity during the past year. His first film 'Black Boys Don’t Cry' received widespread attention following its premiere in 2016 – including recently being shown at the Tate Modern. The film deconstructs the ideals of masculinity and manhood by challenging restrictive ideals as to what it means to be a man. It has strong focus on the delusion that men must always be strong, aggressive and show no emotion. In 2018, Iggy released his short film, 'Velvet', which tells a story about a young male who loses his life to knife crime. Following on from the film, he has been featured on Channel 4 and has been invited to speak at a number of institutions; including University Arts London (UAL), University College London (UCL) and Ravensbourne.

Iggy’s aim is to create real conversations about real issues. He is currently working on a documentary and will be working on creative projects, including his first feature film.

His first anthology, MANDEM, was published by Jacaranda Books in March 2023.

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