Jason Wilson

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Jason Wilson

Author of THE OLD MAN AND ME, a true-crime biography, Jason Wilson writes what he knows.

Raised by a single parent, a father in prison, Jason was a self-taught animator who worked on a handful of feature films before running his own studio in the nineties. However, several years on, the advent of CGI and the release of Jason’s father would open a new chapter. He would spend a decade working for his now crime-boss parent – ‘The Old Man’ – later inspiring Jason to draw two true-crime graphic novels, SMUGGLING VACATION and DAY OF THE DEAL; the former whilst the Old Man served a prison sentence in Spain, the latter shortly before his death in 2015.

Switching from the visual to the academic, a psychology degree would prove the springboard to Jason penning his father’s story. Encompassing the complete picture of a complex crime boss and father, Jason takes the reader into Britain’s underworld, to discover a father and son bond, enduring years on the run, lengthy prison sentences, trials and murder, and finally into the heart of an international drugs ring where an existential heart beats.

THE OLD MAN AND ME (Mirror Books) was published in March 2022.

Currently Jason lives in his home city of Coventry, where, with a wife, two children and several cats, he is completing his second book, SQUARE PEGS.

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