Lizzie King

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Lizzie King
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Lizzie King is a prop maker, artist, tie-dye enthusiast, knitter and photographer living and working in East London. After studying a degree in Fine Art Sculpture at Brighton University, Lizzie assisted Set Designer Anna Lomax. While working for Anna, Lizzie could be found making anything from a knitted telephone to a giant fabric hamburger. It was this constant 3D problem solving that led Lizzie to agree to tie dye some shirts for the clothing company Brutus, with no previous experience of anything relating to dye. It was through this project that she fell in love with the process of tie dye.

All of Lizzie’s work has a playful edge to it, often featuring giant glittery palm trees and golden pineapples. Lizzie also teaches workshops to adults and children, including ‘Get Rich or Tie Dyeing’ where you can learn for yourself how to transform your t-shirts. Lizzie has run workshops for Nike, Lazy Oaf, Vans, Shoreditch House, Liberty and Vice. Other clients include Benefit, Mawi, Tim & Barry, Selfridges, YCN, The Hoxton Window Project, Redlight, Pick Me Up at Somerset House & Age UK.

Lizzie's first book, TIE & DYE, was published by Pavilion.

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