M.D. Lachlan

Represented by Judith Murray
M.D. Lachlan
M.D. Lachlan is the pen-name of author and journalist Mark Barrowcliffe. As M.D. Lachlan, Mark has written a series of fantasy novels beginning in the ancient Viking world and stretching forwards to the present day.

The first three novels range from the mid eighth century until the end of the Viking age and tell the story of Vali, a Norwegian prince whose fate is caught up in the schemes of the gods. He is destined to become an immortal werewolf, an incarnation of the mythic Fenris Wolf – the creature that will destroy the gods at the end of the world.

This marks a departure from Mark’s usual comic style of writing. Mark began to write the novels after finishing his widely acclaimed memoir of his Dungeons and Dragons playing youth – THE ELFISH GENE.

His first in the series, WOLFANGEL, was followed by FENRIR which was published by Gollancz in May 2011. LORD OF SLAUGHTER was published in June 2012. A further three books in the series have been sold to Gollancz, the first of which, VALKYRIE’S SONG, was published in 2015.

Mark's latest novel, CELESTIAL (Gollancz) was published in November 2022.