Olaf Falafel

Agent: Antony Topping

A surrealist comedian, author and illustrator who is the creator of the popular ‘Heard A Parp’ series and also ‘One Giant Leek For Mankind’, the very silly tribute to the 1969 moon landing.

Falafel has created and performed several stupidly named stand up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival including ‘Olaf Falafel and The Cheese Of Truth’, ‘There’s no i in idiot’ and ‘The Marmosets Of My Mind’.

As well as finding comedic success onstage, Falafel has also enjoyed online fame with his short viral videos. These absurdist movies include a croissant-coiffured talking Donald Trump puppet, slices of truth telling cheese being thrown onto newspapers and the Bee Gees hiding in his beard.

The comedy website Chortle affectionately described Falafel as ‘an idiot’ and when he doesn’t have a microphone in his hand you’ll probably find him with a pencil and pad trying to draw something equally idiotic.

Books by Olaf Falafel

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