Rosie Ramsden

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Rosie Ramsden
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Rosie Ramsden is an artist, writer and food stylist living and working in North Yorkshire.

Rosie’s core focus in her cooking is towards the seasonal, the frugal, the colourful and the flavourful. She believes that cooking need not be a chore, but an ease, tuning into mood, energy and creativity. No frills, just seriously good food.

As well as cooking and writing, she paints, drawing inspiration from the ingredients she uses and the landscape around her. Her work in oil and watercolour reflects her new space, having recently moved from city life to rural. She makes sense of her environment with loose, delicate brushstrokes, drawing from life and observing the stillness that nature welcomes.

Rosie has been a food stylist and recipe writer for 15 years. She has styled over 15 cookbooks, most recently part of Julius Roberts’ The Farm Table, Anna Jones’s upcoming 2024 title, Flora Shedden’s Supper and her earlier book Aran, James Rich’s Orchard, Emily Scott’s Sea & Shore, Kylee Newton’s The Modern Preserver’s Kitchen and Thomsina Miers’s Home Cook. Her Ode to Autumn features in October’s 2023 House & Garden. See a selection of previous work here.

Her cookbook The Recipe Wheel was published in 2014 by Ebury Press.

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