Sam Akbar

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Sam Akbar
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Dr Sam Akbar is a clinical psychologist specialising in treating refugees with PTSD who have been tortured, survived war or sexual violence. She trains and teaches other psychologists in treating PTSD from Ireland to Iraq. In addition to working with refugees, Sam also writes a newsletter, The Mind Minute, in which she shares practical and quick psychology tools and techniques to help busy women enhance their well-being in under 60 seconds. The Midult describes her as a Well-Being Wonderwoman and she does, in fact, own a cape.

Sam was born in 1975 and studied classics at Wadham College, Oxford. She was as a documentary director and producer, working on current affairs programmes such as Panorama and Dispatches, before deciding to pursue a career in clinical psychology and gaining a doctorate from UCL. Sam lives in London with her husband and daughter.

Sam's latest book, STRESSILIENT (Harper Collins) was published in April 2022. It has now been translated into seven languages.

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