Stuart Heritage

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Stuart Heritage

Stuart Heritage is a feature writer and columnist for The Guardian newspaper. In addition to this, he has written for a range of publications and television programmes, founded and edited the award-winning and runs the humorously argumentative blog with his wife Robyn Wilder.

For two years running he was named as one of the 50 most influential emerging figures in the British media by The Independent, an honour that has singularly failed to manifest itself into anything even slightly meaningful. He is going bald.

Stuart's first book, a biography of his brother called DON'T BE A DICK, PETE, was published by Square Peg (Random House) in 2017.

Stuart's latest children's book, THE O.D.D. SQUAD: RISE OF INVISIDOG, was published by Puffin in January 2024. His latest non-fiction, BALD: HOW I SLOWLY LEARNED TO NOT HATE HAVING NO HAIR (AND YOU CAN TOO), will be published in April 2024.