Suzannah Dunn

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Suzannah Dunn
Suzannah Dunn is the author of thirteen books: DARKER DAYS THAN USUAL, BLOOD SUGAR, PAST CARING, QUITE CONTRARY, VENUS FLARING, TENTERHOOKS, COMMENCING OUR DESCENT, THE QUEEN OF SUBTLETIES, THE SIXTH WIFE, THE QUEEN'S SORROW, THE CONFESSION OF KATHERINE HOWARD, THE MAY BRIDE and THE LADY OF MISRULE, which was published in May 2015 by Little, Brown in the UK. Suzannah’s books have been translated into Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (in Brazil and Europe), Spanish and Turkish.

Suzannah's latest novel, THE TESTIMONY OF ALYS TWIST (Little, Brown) was published in October 2020.

Suzannah lives in Shropshire.

"A remarkable writer, a lyricist of ordinary life and ordinary people transfigured by extreme emotions" -- Christopher Hart, Daily Telegraph

"Suzannah Dunn is that rarity among contemporary novelists: a genuine stylist. Her prose is like truffles: rich, rare, dark, but never cloying"-- Wendy Perriam