The Estate of Kate Gross

Represented by Judith Murray
The Estate of  Kate Gross
Kate was a woman who leant in: a Whitehall civil servant who served two Prime Ministers in Downing Street; a founding CEO of a charity that rebuilds the structures of state in post-conflict Africa; a daughter and sister, a wife and a mother to twin boys. In 2012 she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, and in December 2013 she was told it was terminal.

Kate died on Christmas day in 2014, leaving behind a lasting epitaph: her book, LATE FRAGMENTS: Everything I Want To Tell You (About This Magnificent Life). Written in her last eight months, it has the life lessons only a mother, wife, daughter, and friend can pass on. LATE FRAGMENTS is for anyone who needs to understand what it means to die before your time. It is for those who are watching someone they love find joy in the tulips coming out, and other everyday pleasures, even as their body fails them. It is for everyone who needs to remember that, despite the punches life throws at us, we must let ‘unconquerable gladness dwell’ and fill our lives with wonder, hope and joy. It was a Sunday Times Number One hardback bestseller in 2015.