The Estate of Sarah Gainham

Represented by Judith Murray
The Estate of  Sarah Gainham
Sarah Gainham was born in London in 1915. She moved to Germany in her early thirties, shortly after the Second World War, and then to Austria, where she remained for over fifty years. It is in central Europe that her early thrillers such as COLD DARK NIGHT, THE STONE ROSES and SILENT HOSTAGE are played out.

NIGHT FALLS ON THE CITY was first published in 1967. The novel was remarkably successful, managing to catch the mood of the time - especially in the United States, where it remained top of the New York Times bestseller list for several months. She later wrote two further novels set in Vienna, A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY and PRIVATE WORLDS.

Gainham also reported regularly on central European affairs for The Spectator, Encounter and The New Republic. She died in Austria in 1999.

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