Vanessa King

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Vanessa King
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Vanessa King is a leading expert on the practical application of the science of happiness, resilience and wellbeing in our everyday lives, communities and in organisations. She’s written for the Guardian online, the Huffington Post, Psychologies Magazine and has been featured by Sunday Telegraph Magazine. She regularly speaks to general public and corporate audiences around the world on topics such as: Why Happiness Matters, Why Happiness is a Serious Business, How to Build your Resilience, 5 Questions about Happiness, Simple Skills for Psychological Wellbeing, and the 10 Keys to Happier Living. She’s spoken at many UK and international conferences, workplaces, universities and schools. And she’s led workshops, been a panel member or hosted sessions at a number of festivals including: The London Literary Festival, Festival of Love at London's Southbank, Wilderness, How the Light Gets In, Interrogate at Dartington, Happiness and its Causes, Sydney and LaughFest in Michigan.

Her first book, 10 KEYS TO HAPPIER LIVING, was published in March 2016 by Headline. She has also co-authored 50 WAYS TO FEEL HAPPY alongside Peter Harper and Val Payne. Her guide to the best books for children's happiness can be found here.

Vanessa is a Board Member and Lead Psychology and Workplace Expert for Action for Happiness, the UK based not-for-profit. Vanessa has two psychology degrees, including a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania with Martin Seligman, founding father of the field. She's one of the few Europeans to do so.

For a brief period earlier in her career she qualified and worked as a chartered accountant! She then spent many years as an international business consultant helping identify and develop potential in people and helping organisations change, before doing what she does now.