Manuscript Wish List

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Antony Topping

I joined the agency in 1995, having spent several years as a fiction buyer for one of the major chain bookstores. Originally from Stockport in the northwest, I studied English at St Anne’s College, Oxford. My interests span the full breadth of the agency’s activities, from literary representation to TV to brand consultation. I represent historical thriller writers, contemporary and historical literary novelists, upmarket genre and bookclub fiction, science writers, food writers, historians, nature writers, music journalists, memoirists, and cultural critics.

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Holly Faulks

I joined Greene & Heaton in 2015 and am actively building a list of fiction and non-fiction clients. In non-fiction I am looking for writing on current affairs, language, lifestyle and popular science as well as memoir. I am also looking for literary and upmarket commercial fiction.

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Imogen Morrell

I joined Greene & Heaton in 2018, having studied English and Gender Studies. As well as handling the agency’s contracts, I’m actively building a list of fiction and non-fiction authors.

In non-fiction, I’m looking for proposals about food, nature, the environment, politics, history, identity, usually with a strong narrative or personal element, from academics and journalists who are writing their specialist subject for trade publication.

In fiction, I’m looking for book club, accessible literary fiction, historical fiction, and crime and thriller. Most of all, I’m interested in a strong voice or a vivid main character that catches your attention from the very first page. I love books that spark conversations, are totally immersive, socially or politically engaged, or offer a fresh take on a genre. I’m always drawn to queer stories, set now and in the past, so please do send them my way.

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Judith Murray

I joined the agency in 1995. Before that I was a talent scout for translation publishers and worked as an editor for various publishers. I studied English literature at Wadham College, Oxford. I love literary fiction and well-written genre fiction, including thrillers, crime, historical novels, gothic, clever horror (not too gory) science-fiction, fantasy, romantasy, rom-coms and epic love stories; and literary non-fiction including history, biography and memoir.

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Kate Rizzo

I joined Greene & Heaton in 2013 to handle the agency’s translation rights.  I began working in publishing at The Robbins Office, Inc. in New York before moving to London in 2009 and continuing to work in translation rights at AM Heath, Ltd. and Mulcahy Conway Associates.

I work closely with sub-agents in some territories and directly with publishers in Brazil, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, and Spain in order to sell the agency’s authors’ works into as many languages as possible, and help their writing careers extend beyond the UK and the English language.

I’m also keen to find aspiring writers, and am interested in stories that explore our recent history or show us something about our world, whether through fiction or research and reportage.  I’m always on the lookout for fantastically funny and compulsive commercial women’s fiction from rom-coms to romance to feel-good to novels that sweep you off your feet and everything in between.

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Laura Williams

I started at Greene & Heaton as an agent in 2018, having worked at PFD from 2011 after studying Classics at Oxford. I have a broad list across different genres of fiction, alongside a smaller non-fiction and children’s book list, and I’m always looking for new and exciting projects.

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