Rights & Permissions

Translation Rights

Greene & Heaton work closely with international publishers to see works by our authors translated and published into as many languages as possible. We work directly with publishers in Brazil, Germany, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, and Spain, and work with amazing co-agents throughout the rest of the world. 

We love being able to find international publishing homes for our authors and their works that suit them as perfectly as the homes we find them in the UK. With extensive experience, strong relationships with international publishers, and a keen sense of the individual markets and trends, we strive to create publishing careers for our authors that extend throughout the world.

Please send all foreign rights enquiries to Kate Rizzo, at krizzo@greeneheaton.co.uk.  

Film & TV Rights

Greene & Heaton works with a number of leading film and TV co-agents for film and TV rights in our fiction titles, including Sayle Screen Ltd and Toby Moorcroft Rights.

To find out which of our titles are handled by which agency, or if you would like to discuss non-fiction titles, please email info@greeneheaton.co.uk.

Literary Permissions

If you’d like to request permission to reproduce extracts from books written by any of our authors, please approach us in writing as follows:

Advise us which extract you would like to use; the context in which you plan to use it; the print run (if you intend to use the extract in a published work); the territories the permission needs to cover; and whether or not your use of the extract will be for profit. All of these factors will determine how much we charge for the permission. Upon receipt of this information we will send you an agreement letter listing appropriate terms.

The whole process usually takes up to one month, though please note that we get hundreds of such requests, and although we do our best to answer all of them promptly, you should approach us well in advance of your deadline.

Please send all requests to Permissions, Greene & Heaton, to permissions@greeneheaton.co.uk. We are not able to answer permission requests by telephone.

Foreign Associates

La Nouvelle Agence
Central and Eastern Europe
Andrew Nurnberg Associates
Tuttle-Mori, The English Agency, Japan UNI
China, Taiwan & Malaysia
Big Apple, The Grayhawk Agency
The Eric Yang Agency
Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia
The Grayhawk Agency
Union Literary, The Bent Agency, Denise Shannon Literary Agency, Fletcher & Company, Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Larry Weissman Literary LLC, Inkwell Management, Selectric Artists
CookeMcDermid Literary Management