Christophe Galfard

Agent: Antony Topping

Christophe Galfard holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cambridge University, where he was Stephen Hawking’s graduate student from 2000 to 2006. Alongside Hawking and his daughter, he was the co-author on their first young adult novel. Galfard is also the author of a YA trilogy, LE PRINCE DES NUAGES (Pocket Jeunesse), which has been translated into 8 territories. Galfard devotes his time to spreading modern scientific knowledge to the general public and has given talks to more than 50,000 people of all ages and backgrounds. He is a regular contributor to TV and radio shows. In September 2013, he wrote a live pyrotechnic and 3D-mapping show about the history of the Universe, performed in La Défense in Paris, which was attended by 60,000 people in one night, and spoke at TEDx Paris. Christophe’s first book of non-fiction, THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR HAND, was published in the UK by Macmillan in 2015.

Christophe loves to answer questions about science, time and space, so if you have some queries, do not hesitate to ask him via his website:

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