The High Moments

The High Moments
Genre : Fiction
Published : 28 May 2020 - Simon & Schuster
New Year’s Day is the ultimate cliché for Scarlett:

hangover, check
feeling weepy, check
broken sense of self, check check check

Jobless and stuck living at home with an academic mother who has no time for pep-talks, the one saving grace for Scarlett is that her friend, Billie, still works at the pub down the road. But even the pub is losing its appeal.

Desperate to do something, she moves to London with no plan, no money and nowhere to stay. Unsurprisingly, she finds herself crashing on her ex-boyfriend's sofa with all of her terrible life choices for company.

It's after Scarlett starts interning at a fashion agency that she takes her first step to becoming something - but it's also her first step to becoming something else. Each terrible decision she makes leads to another and her life begins to spiral.

But people are starting to know her; she's starting to become someone. And surely it’s better to be someone – even if it’s someone you hate?

With a vein of dark humour at its core, THE HIGH MOMENTS offers an astute, often stark look at the fashion industry and the issues you can face as a woman in your twenties - fans of GIRLS and Emma Jane Unsworth's ANIMALS will love this.


One of the most seductive and accomplished debuts I have ever read… It's a must-read for everyone who had ever dreamt of being a somebody.

Laura Jane Williams, author of OUR STOP

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