Lewis Goodall

Represented by Claudia Young
Lewis Goodall
Lewis is a British journalist and author who is currently the Analysis and Investigations Editor and co-host of The News Agents, with Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel. He is also currently a presenter on LBC radio station. Before this you may have seen him working as a Political Correspondent on Sky News and policy editor of BBC Newsnight. He has also reported for the Victoria Derbyshire programme, Radio 4 and BBC World. He reports on stories as varied as Euroscepticism in Clacton, the Paris terror attacks, and even enrolled in the world’s most famous clown school in Étampes. He has also presented many historical films for the BBC on subjects including the Easter Rising, the rise of the SDP and the 1945 General Election. Lewis was also the co-presenter and producer of his own Radio 4 documentary, “Generation Right”, examining the idea that Millennials are moving to the right politically.

Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett, Roy Hattersley, Gerry Adams, Peter Mandelson, Jeremy Corbyn, Nick Clegg, Lord Peter Carrington, Shirley Williams, David Owen and Tessa Jowell are among the many major political figures Lewis has interviewed. He also conducted Denis Healey’s last interview before his death.

Before getting lost in the world of the BBC, Lewis worked at the UK’s leading left of centre think tank, the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) and at ITV (where in his biggest challenge to date, he wrote questions for University Challenge). Following his graduation from St John’s College, Oxford in 2010 with a degree in History and Politics, Lewis also worked in the United States Congress and as an Entent Cordiale scholar in Paris.

Lewis's book, LEFT FOR DEAD? THE STRANGE DEATH AND REBIRTH OF THE LABOUR PARTY (William Collins) was published in September 2018.