Mr Wrong
Genre : Fiction
Published : 8 Apr 2008 - Macmillan
Men can sometimes be very charming and funny, and make you laugh out loud. Unfortunately, men also tend to spend rather a lot of their time being idiotic or infuriating: thoughtless, clueless and crap. Meet Mark Barrowcliffe. Mark has had over fifty girlfriends in all, depending on what your definition of a 'girlfriend' is. He's now happily married - to girlfriend fifty-something - but why couldn't he hold on to any of the others? From first kisses to Commitment, whirlwind affairs and heartbreak, MR WRONG is the very funny, sometimes uncomfortable, true memoir of every girl Mark Barrowcliffe has ever been out with.


Comedian-cum-writer Mark Barrowcliffe will have you in stitches with the latest instalment of his memoirs. Describing every girl he’s ever gone out with, he takes us on a journey from first love to marriage, via heartbreak and affairs. Essential reading for anyone whose own love life has sometime run less than smoothly. Highly recommended holiday reading.

She Magazine

Any one who has ever flirted, fancied or fallen in love will empathise with Mark Barrowcliffe. The stand up comedian dated 40-odd women before finding The One. Whether this makes him a lothario or a loser, it lends itself to fantastically witty account of his experiences which is joy to read.


Fascinating to read this sort of book from male point of view and one can wince and sympathise with Barrowcliffe on his long search for love – which he’s now found in girlfriend (now wife) number 53.

Publishing News

A frank and wonderfully comic memoir, which charts the highs and lows of every girl he’s ever dated from first love to whirlwind affairs and utter heartbreak. Smart and witty, you won’t want to put it down.

Glasgow Herald

Full of sharp wit, this comedic look at Mark Barrowcliffe’s love life is a good read but is he a ladies’ man or just a loser? Thankfully, Mark is now happily married so he must have done something right!

South Wales Argus