Kate Rizzo

I joined Greene & Heaton, Ltd. in 2013 and handle the translation rights for our authors.  I work with publishers all over the world to sell our authors’ works into as many languages as possible, and help their writing careers extend beyond the UK and the English language.

Working directly with publishers in Brazil, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia and Spain, and closely with international agents elsewhere, I travel regularly to meet with them, promote our authors, match our authors with editors who fall for them as strongly as we have, and stay in touch with which genres and types of books are currently thriving in each market.

As I work alongside all the agents, I read across the entirety of our list.  It’s always exciting to open a new manuscript from one of our authors (or soon to be authors), and start thinking where in the world we might sell it first.

I’m also looking for authors to represent, and am interested in stories that explore our recent history or show us something about our world, whether through fiction or research and reportage.  I’m an avid reader of contemporary fiction; crime; journalism; books that examine broader social, cultural and historical shifts.  Some of my favourite fiction discoveries of late have been anything by Nickolas Butler and Tim Winton; Diane Cook’s Man v. Nature; Jon McGregor’s Reservoir 13; Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer and short stories; Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing; Jenny Offill’s Dept. of Speculation; and Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko. On non-fiction, I’ve recently been totally engrossed by David Grann’s Killers of the Flower Moon (also his article on giant squid!); Jill Leovy’s Ghettoside; Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel; Stacey Schiff’s The Witches; Siddhartha Muhkerjee’s The Emperor of All Maladies; Nathaniel Philbrick’s histories, especially In the Heart of the Sea; and Norman Mailer’s classic, The Fight.