Mark Barrowcliffe

Agent: Judith Murray

Mark Barrowcliffe grew up in Coventry. He worked as a journalist and as a stand-up comedian before giving it all up to write his first novel GIRLFRIEND 44. His second book, THE ELFISH GENE, is a memoir of his misspent adolescence playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Mark is also the author of two different fantasy series. Under the pseudonym M.D. Lachlan he has written a series beginning in the Viking era. His first in this series, WOLFSANGEL, was followed by FENRIR, LORD OF SLAUGHTER and VALKYRIE’S SONG. Writing as Mark Alder, SON OF THE MORNING was the first book in his new fantasy series. SON OF THE NIGHT was be published in March 2017.

He is an experienced and successful ghostwriter, noted for his ability to capture the voice of his celebrity clients and the speed at which he is able to work.

Books by Mark Barrowcliffe